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While planning yourvacation in the Smokies, why not read a Smoky Mountain book or two?     There's a slew of great books on the Smokies.

Whatever your interests -- Smoky Mountain folklore, Smoky Mountain hikes or ecology of the Smokies, we can help you find a fun book on the Smoky Mountains ...

Smoky Mountain Books:    Travel Guides for the Smokies

Gatlinburg:  Tourist Town Guides by Amy Bender

The Ultimate Guide to Asheville & The Western North Carolina Mountains
by Lee James Pantas

Smoky Mountain Books:   History and Folklore

At one time, the Great Smoky Mountains were the far boundary of the American frontier. The first European settlers to come to the Smokies were intruders on Cherokee land.

The story of the Cherokee Indians and the European settlers are major chapters in our American history. Several good books tell how these European settlers contended with the beautiful but unchartered territory.

Trail of Tears:   The Rise and Fall of the Cherokee Nation,   by John Ehle
Mr. Ehle is a sixth - generation North Carolinian and his book takes you into the villages of the Cherokee Indians and along the cruel Trail of Tears.

Cades Cove:   The Life and Death of a Southern Appalachian Community, 1818 - 1937,  by Durwood Dunn

This Cades Cove story is filled with stories of the Civil War, barn burners and moonshiners, plus many other true stories in a lively Appalachian community.

Smoky Mountain Books:   Fun Activities in the Smokies

Hiking in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park,  by Kevin Adams

Day Hikes in the Smokies,  by Carson Brewer
These are two-up-to-date descriptions of the popular and lesser-known hikes in the Smokies.

The Fly Fisherman's Guide to the Great Smoky Mountains,  by H. Lea Lawrence
If you love to fish and you're looking for some expert fishing advice, this is a useful guide.

Smoky Mountain Books:   Hiking the Appalachian Trail

The Thru - Hiker's Handbook,  by Dan Bruce
This is considered by many folks to be the bible for information about hiking the AT.

A Walk in the Woods,  by Bill Bryson
Here's fun book guaranteed to bring a smile to your face.   It's a hilarious story of this comedian's hike across the Appalachian Trail.

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